About Us

On the KryptoSearch platform, you can find everything you need in crypto and vote for your favorite applications, cryptocurrencies, influencers, and more. We have made it our mission to build a democratized ecosystem for everyone who wants to be involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

The community will govern KryptoSearch by using blockchain-based voting. Holders of the KryptoSearch Token (KST) can stake their funds to earn voting power (KSV). Only KSV can be used to vote on the platform.

Although some decentralized applications are picking up speed in terms of usage, their size can’t be compared to big centralized applications. KryptoSearch is here to support and provide the crypto community. We’ll make it easy for everyone to find the right applications they need to fulfill their needs within the crypto universe. This will help the industry to grow organically.

Vision statement:

“To build a trusted environment for every person in the crypto industry”