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Hxro is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a simplified way to interact with the market, giving traders an alternative way to express a view on price, hedge risk, and trade digital assets. While providing a useful tool for speculation and trading by some of the world’s most advanced traders and firms, Hxro’s products are fair, approachable, and easy to understand for a wide spectrum of users.

Hxro has taken inspiration from legacy financial markets and combined it with aspects of social gaming to provide users with an innovative alternative to trading crypto assets. One of Hxro’s attributes is that its core products are parimutuel - a system that aggregates all positions into a liquidity pool with the in-the-money positions sharing the total pool at expiration. This creates a new dimension of fairness and payoff possibilities for our user base.

The application of parimutuel technology to digital markets creates an environment that distills trading down to a simple question of higher (MOON) or lower (REKT) and a simple payoff mechanism in which out-of-the-money positions pay in-the-money positions.


Hxro’s MoonRekt contracts allow traders to take bullish (MOON) or bearish (REKT) positions in the most familiar and common technical time frames: 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 1-hour, and 1-day.

Each MoonRekt time frame runs perpetually, with the expiry of one contract marking the start of the next contract.


Traders choose whether the price of the underlying index will close higher (MOON) or lower (REKT) within the selected contract time frame.


MoonRekt contracts are peer-to-peer and utilize a parimutuel model to determine contract payoff. Therefore, these contracts do not require a trader to interact with a market maker or traditional order book. At contract expiration, in-the-money positions share the total pool on a pro rata basis.


For cryptocurrency prices, Hxro is integrated with real-time pricing data from the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges. For commodities, FX and equity indices, Hxro uses real-time streaming price feeds from the leading global liquidity providers. All platform index pricing is independent and price feeds cannot be influenced by the exchange. The Hxro Index settlements and time stamps are displayed on the website.


Will the price move higher or lower during the upcoming time period?

At the designated start time for each contract, the LOCKED PRICE is displayed. The LOCKED PRICE is the strike price for the contract. The LOCKED PRICE for each contract is the same as the settlement price or CLOSED PRICE of the preceding contract.

At the end of the contract, when the clock reaches 00:00, the CLOSED PRICE is calculated. The CLOSED PRICE is the last price of the Hxro Index on or before expiration time 00:00.

If the contract’s CLOSED PRICE is higher than the LOCKED PRICE, MOON positions are in-the-money. If the CLOSED PRICE is lower than the LOCKED PRICE, REKT positions are in-the-money. The in-the-money positions share the total pool on a pro rata basis.

At the start of the contract, all positions are aggregated into the contract pool. At the close of the contract, the in-the-money side will share the pool based on pro rata size of each in-the-money position.

HXRO Token

HXRO is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. HXRO is the network token of the Hxro ecosystem. HXRO and BTC are currently the only two digital currencies that can be used for trading on the platform.

HXRO token holders earn fee discounts in the form of rebates. Higher HXRO holdings lead to higher rebates. Users are also eligible to earn HXRO rewards by contributing positively to the HXRO token network.

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